Thumbnail and metadata help - New WDTV Live player

Afternoon guys,

Juts a quick question; at the weekend I purchased a new WD TV player (WD TV Live WDBPUF0000NBK-EESN); I love these machines and have had one for the last 5 or so years.  I always viewed my media through an attached HDD.

Anyway, at the start of the year i purchased a My Cloud and put all my content onto it; obviously I was unable to access this on my old WD player as it had no network capabilities (yes it was the old, old one lol).  All my movies where in folders along with jpeg for the artwork; this all showed up fine.

I purchased the new WD player at the weekend; i initially struggled with getting the artwork to show, after a bit of researching i managed to get the player to access the artwork to show up (done via creating a networkshare).  I downloaded some backdrops and xml files for the metadata and dropped into the individual movie folders.  The rough structure is like this:

WD Mycloud

 - Movies

  - Captain America

      - Catpain America.avi

      - Captain America.xml

      - Backdrop.jpg

      - Captain America.jpg

  - Bolt

      - Bolt.avi

      - Bolt.xml

      - Backdrop.jpg

      - Bolt.jpg


The problem is that these do not show up when i scan through my videos; only when i go into the actual movie folder will the data and backdrops appear.

Is this something that can be achieved or do I need to scrap the individual movie folders and just dump all the files into the main movie root folder?

When you are in Videos, press the green button on your remote or click the green icon on the top right end of the screen. Go to Filter, select All, with the check mark selected, press OK. Now all your videos should show with the data and backdrop pictures, assuming you are using the gallery view.

Cheers musimboti; this helped but how I had planned.  I’ll explain whats happening; my set-up is the new wdtv live to a wd mycloud

I have 2 network shares set-up; wdmycloud\public\videos\movies & wdmycloud\public\videos\movies, these both have shortcuts on the home screen so i can access them directly.

When I go into my movies shortcut i have to select the ‘red’ button to activate the media library then i follow your instructions (i.e. pressing green and filtering); the problem is then shows all videos, this includes the individual episodes of my tv shows (it doesn;t even brek them down into seasons)

If i go into my tv shows shortcut, and select media library and then filter it does exactly the same as above.  Can this issue be resolved so:

  1. the shortcuts work directly to the share

2)the media library is automatically activated reather than me pressing the red button each time.

I’ve also tried searching for the manual relating to this product but cannot find one online; only an old one, even if i google search with serial number of the new product; i’ve tried going through the WD websiye and even that can’t find one

Metadata is NOT supported for folders.   No way around that if you intend to keep every video on a separate folder.

Once you select My Media Library as your content source, it should remember it forever.   There’s no reason why you should have to keep selecting it – but if you have shortcuts to SHARES, then that is bypassing the media library entirely.

Maybe you should try putting shortcuts to FOLDERS instead of shortcuts to SHARES.

You can’t find the manual for this product?   It’s pretty easy to find on WD’s support website (