Amateur needs help!

Hi Everyone!

Really hoping someone on here can help.  This is my last ditch attempt before I take it back for a refund.

Ive spent HOURS editing metadata on all my movie files (which are single .mp4 files). My television doesnt display this metadata - ie cast, director, description etc.  So I decided to buy the WDTV as all the marketing said that it did. 

Ive gotten it home, set it up.  When I select a movie and display it in Gallery View - only the movie poster displays.  All of the cast, directors, description info is listed as N/A - when I know I have edited this and it all displays in iTunes if I load it in there.

I have no idea how to get this info to display through the WDTV???

All my media is stored on a WD My Cloud. All my moviies are .mp4 files (better compatability among all my devices). 

The WD TV will find the movie through Flixter if I select the options button - but I want the info to display in the Gallery View. 

Can someone please help me out! Im not really tech savvy. 

PS - Ive tried phoning WD Support and they told me to log into the WD Dashboard and rebuild the DLNA database. Not sure what this means but I did it anyway.  It didnt work. 

Not sure what to do now.  Im annoyed because there is clearly a facility for this info to display, as it wouldnt have it all listed as N/A if there wasnt. 


Why are you “editing Metadata” ?  the WDTV has a Get Content Info Scraper built in, that will do it Automatically .

Firstly, you need to add your Network Shares (from the MyCloud) to My Media Library * (and make sure your Media Library in “On”)

* see here:

Once you’ve done that … press the Content Source Button that’s the “A” button in RED on your Remote Control … and select " My Media Library"

Secondly, if you have your Movies in “Individual Folders” then Metadata eg. Plot, Actors, Genre will Not Display (you’ll get get N/A)

also, the HOURS you’ve spent … have you looked at the User Manual ?  (most of what i’ve said is in there)