This is sharing content from windows redux

Will it ever be possible or has anyone every successfully been able to tell the WD player to play a file located on a NAS from an external source (automation software) via the UPNP command SetAVTransportURI? Every attempt results in a black screen on the WD that says “this is sharing content from windows”

Also, will it ever be possible to send play,pause,stop etc. via UPNP to a WD player? All UPNP transport commands are simply ignored except for pause. Pause actually pauses the movie for about 200 milliseconds then the movie immediately starts playing again.

This is all using the latest firmware. Has anyone actually seen this work?

I personally have not tried it

but I’ve heard that UPNP control points do work

Bubble UPNP and other

what app are you using or how are you trying to send the UPNP cmd’s

Right now I’m just experimenting with the Developer Tools for UPnP from Intel. Eventually I will need to write my own interface. The Intel tools work fine controlling a Sonos so the assumption was they would work fine for the WD too.

ok, so if you’re trying to create your own

while not officially supported

I would recommend doing a search on root access for the SMP

you can also visit were there’s a little info on it, but no full how to write up

once you gain root access you’ll be able to test what you need to from cmd line

and confirm what works and what doesn’t

and review WD’s implementation of UPNP

then build your app after gaining some knowledge from those tests