Can't pause movie

sorry guys.

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ey everyone, newbie here but not new to the WD media player. I have a WD live (not plus) media player and have been using a 2 TB my book essential connected to it. I recently upgraded to a 3 TB drive and YES discovered it is temporarily blocked from mounting. However, not before upgrading the firmware as that’s why I thought my files would not play on the 3 TB drive.
So, I reverted back to my 2 TB drive and that’s when the problems started. I can start playing the files but I can’t pause the clips, once the file is started playing the remote is pretty much useless, can’t stop, can’t pause or get out of the file and only way to get out is to unplug the unit and reboot.
I found a previous version of firmware 1.04.17 I’m thinking of downgrading to but before I did I wanted to hear from some others with experience on the unit.
Thanks in advance,