Upnp Remote Playing : Sound but no Video (only on Bootup)


i trying to remotly play Videos on my WD TV Live (Version 1.01.24) with Windows Media Play and ohter tools like “twnoky Media” or “Cidero UPnP A/V”. The Problem is: I only hear the sond of the videos, but the WD Menu is still displayed…

The only way to see the actuall video is to reboot the WD TV. Then while the menu is lodaring (while the loading cirle is shown) the video can be seen.

So only an bootup of WD TV is actually see a video when i remotly start it with a UPnP software.

Audio is working fine.

Whts wring or what can i do?

I want the so see the video, niot he menu screen…

Maybe i have to say: Playing Videos directly from the WD TV works fine - but as i said: Not if start them remotly with UPnP software

Please help me finding a solution

Any chance you have a bandwidth issue?  Network too slow?  Does your media play from a local USB device?

I see the same behaviour - I have “plugPlayer” on my iPhone - I can browse music on Upnp servers (but not see the wdtvlive as a source)

I can force music to play on the wdtvlive, but it still displays the menu (would be nice if it would show whats playing)

I can force movies, but I only get sound and the menu is displayed

After updating to latest beta firmware, this just WORKS. Must be the work WD did on windows7 “play to” that helped.

I can browse my NAS’s DLNA /upnp media libraries from my iphone and send music and video to the Live - even 1080p mkvs. SWEET.

I have seen some instability but this is a beta!

way to go wd