Thinking of buying one of these NAS units?

Western Digital ShareSpace 4 TB 4-Bay Gigabit Ethernet Network Attached Storage with RAID 5 - WDA4NC40000N

Do they come with the drives or do I have to buy them in addition to the box that they go in?

Thanks in advance

Yes, four 1TB drives are included.


I have had nothing but trouble with MyBookWorld.

Support techs close my trouble requests before they even understand the issue.



EXTREMELY slow, and nothing but trouble with Macs.

Unless you don’t need automatic backups and have time to play with it every time you start up yor computer.

One word,


Their tech support is terrible, and their product is shoddy. 


Don’t sum’s it perfectly, that is unless you don’t value your data.

WD don’t and won’t support you in any claim for data recovery and that’s their stated policy.

By the way I have another one word for it


I just bought a ShareSpace 4TB. It’s the best thing since sliced bread! In one hour I installed it and backed up my 56GB PC data (backup ran over night). Then in about 3 hours I managed to copy all my music and photos to it and was then able to play the music from my DLNA Denon Receiver. Then after another couple hours I was able to set up mionet and share 11 Gb of photos across the country!

Ok, now the bad. My windows 7 64-bit (HP TouchSmart hardware) system will not properly complete the mionet setup. FAQs on WD site say there is a problem but the client should work. Wrong! I wasted a good bit of time on that and still a dead end.

I turned to my Acer laptop and tried the mionet setup. There I was successful and that’s how I published my photos securely on the internet. My Acer laptop, however, running Vista 64-bit, SP2 fails to install the WD Anywhere Backup software. I emailed WD support and got back a supposedly human reply which said to update Java and Flash. I did that and, of course, those had nothing to do with the WD Installer problem I had (the installer hangs). I’m just about to follow up and tell them the install still fails. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

I’ve also got a new/used macbook running Leopard. I’m having trouble with the Mac’s wireless so I can’t report on Mac compatibility just yet.

I’m an early adopter so I’m thrilled the product works as good as it does and was as simple as it was to set up. I don’t have enough experience to recommend or not recomment it for Grandma just yet. Also, I don’t know how I’ll ever “test” the fault tolerance of the device unless a disk crashes, then it’ll be too late to choose another product…