This is my appeal to WD to fix the speed issues in the latest firmware

today i was this close to buying 4 2tb drives for my Sharespace which is getting close to needing more room but alas the issue of performance stopped me and ultimately is making me lean toward buying a new NON WD NAS and ridding myself of the grief and disappointment once and for all.

Now before i go rant off about how upset I am about the unit, i first want to say this… i really don’t understand how a company with a solid reputation, and very good CS staff  like Bill and Dallas and the several Techs and CS hotline people i have talked to, can fall so incredibly short when delivering a product of this level. You guys are good to deal with, professional, personably, and courteous but man do you drop the ball at the engineer/development level.  And sadly that is becoming a deal breaker for me. In fact if it was not for the fact you are good to deal with on a tech/CS level i would have dropped loyalty long ago. I can not stress enough though my loyalty is wearing very thin, and it is not likely you will ever win me back at this rate. So here is my plea

DEAR GOD FOR THE LOVE OF MERCY AND ALL THINGS HOLY AND RIGHT IN THE TECH WORLD… please fix the data transfer rate issue on the sharespace firmware!!! SOON

I am getting more and more pissed at the slow speeds this unit is now. you think a firmware update as an update or improvement, not a to make your nas slower. Ctorrent slowing things down is no excuse ESPECIALLY if you never use it.

really i think at this point with the drive being useless for the last 9+ months with firmware related performance issues we should be given a chance to be given our money back… send drive and copy of receipt  in get check back.

this drive IMO is on the verge of irreparably damaging my relationship with WD and force me to samsung drive from now on (even though i know WD drives to be solid performers). let us remember what happened to IBM and the deskstars which forever ruined IBM/Hittachi’s rep…

Please WD I am begging you to make this right soon… I am tried of loosing faith in the few companies that i trust for good products and good customer service

end of plea (hopefully i did not just get on my knees and beg for nothing.


Soon to be customer no more,


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Why make an appeal when they don’t give a **bleep**? How can any of us not be satisfied with a blistering 3mb/sec?

I support your appeal.

My personal tests indicate that there are client issues involved.  The transfer speed varies wildly between Win7, Vista and XP. Win7 being superior.  I haven’t run any Linux tests.

However, as other Linux-based NAS devices seems to “deliver on promise” regardless of client OS, there must be something rotten in the WD SS.

I also second this appeal, and by the looks of these threads it seems that LOTS of people are having speed issues…me included.

These are my current specs and transfer speeds.

iMac (only a few years old)

Gigabit ethernet

Cat5E connection

Firmware = 2.2.91 (latest and greatest)

ShareSpace set to RAID 5

HDD Standby turned OFF

I understand that RAID 5 is going to give me slow write speeds, but the read speeds are attrocious.  When previeing 8 MB photo files in the finder it literally takes 3-4 seconds for the preview to show.

When transferring large amounts of photos (160 GB) it took 5 hours to get it written to the ShareSpace.  The peak speed it ever hit was 17 MB/s.  Okay, I can live with that…it is a lot of data and raid 5, but when just flipping through folders and trying to preview images the READ speed I’m seeing is peaking at 7.4 MB/s.

For a product that claims gigabit speed this is nowhere NEAR it!

The only other thing I can think to try is a CAT 6 cable, but I’m not sure that will even make much of a difference. Any thoughts/suggestioins from others in the same boat?

I can just support you peal. Why on earth WD put a Gigabit ethernet interface to this box as a 10 Base LAN would have been more than enough fort the rest of the HW/FW to handle and we would not  felt like cheated. To fill 4TB with 7MB/s takes 7 days   24/7  !!!

Hahahaha SO true!!!  I decided that the only thing this box would be good for is as my Time Machine back up device and NOT an active drive I need to access/work off reguarly.  I took out two of the 1 TB drives and sold them, so I was left with a 2TB drive.  I set it up as a mirrored raid device and hooked it up to time machine.  My old TM storage device was over 4 yrs old so it was about time to change it out.  And now I have it set as mirrored raid “just in case”.  So, at the end of the day I spent over $400 on a time machine storage device…kinda **bleep** but it’s the best option I had considering no one in their right mind will by this thing from me when they read all the horrible reviews!

I gave up on NAS for now and went with a 2 TB GRAID external drive for what I need.  It’s hooked up via FW 800 and is ridiculously FAST! 

It is now about six months I have a 4 TB Sharespace. The first one I sent it back after a week as it had a dodgy disk which caused loss of data (fortunately not a lot of data…)

After having disabled a number of Services (Twonky, Itunes, etc) I noted the following performances over a Gigabit Net and a Win 7 PC:

  • Writing small files between 13 and 15 MB

  • Writing large files between 10 and 13 MB

  • Reading small fils between 28 and 42 MB

  • Reading large files between 23 and 30 MB.

Please note that I’ve NOT updated the firmware and I’m still with the 2.1.92

Best regards

I sent mine back and my new one is on 2.1.96 and I’m very happy now, it works much better than the 2.2 sharespace killer firmware.  It has all the old bugs like starting mionet even though its set to NOT Start, no time machine backup etc, but at least I can use it as a media streamer again, after the latest firmware update - mine was screwed.   To be fair WD seems to have a very good replacement policy, its just seems not that good when you lose data !!!

I can understand a HD failing after all thats what HD’s do but I’m not going to update my unit ever again, I just cant take the risk and don’t want the upset.  I still have no confidence in this device…

2.2.91 is the latest posted on their site. There’s no 2.1.96(?) that I can see. Or do you mean 2.2.96? If so and you claim it’s that good, I hope they release it soon.

No it’s 2.1.96 for sure see here :- In that thread I pasted the version direct from the nas.