Then Ener-Memeo Bunny

After a hard drive failure in May, I used Memeo to restore it.  I also upgraded from Vista to 7. Memeo restored everything and immediately started to back it up.  That backup has been running 24/7 ever since.  It keeps backing up the same stuff over and over.

It just keeps going and going…

Any suggestions?


Nevermind, looks like it finished.

WayneM, I am glad you were able to resolve this inconvenience.


Hmm…I spoke a little too soon.  It’s back at it again.  It’s backing up directories I haven’t so much as looked at since I restored the drive.

Any ideas? 

I’m about ready to call it a day and replace the whole stinkin’ drive.  The drive works like a champ but it’s hard to find nice things to say about Memeo.

It’s added about 24GB of duplicate, unchanged files to the backup in the last couple of weeks.

Is there any way to make it stop? 

Any easy way to delete all those unnecessary duplicate files?




WayneM, WD Anywhere Backup (Powered by Memeo) offers an option to Purge Deleted files, but not to purge repeated files. You could try re-formatting your External Hard Disk Drive to erase the files, delete your current Backup Plan on WD Anywhere Backup, and finally creating a new Backup Plan while making sure the radial to keep additional versions of each file is disabled.


Thanks, Trancer. 

Removing the redundant files is one issue, what about Memeo running and running and running?  Is there no way to curb its appetite?  It’s repeatedly backing up directories that haven’t been touched in years.  What’s up with that?  Any ideas?  That’s the problem.

It literally took weeks for Memeo to complete the initial back-up.  If I reformat the drive, create a new backup plan and it does the same thing, what then?  What about the shared files from multiple computers, separate from the troublesome Memeo backup, not to mention another defunct Memeo backup from a second machine?  Looks great on paper, unfortunately it’s not as simple as just reformatting and clicking “go.”

Thanks for the assistance, much appreciated.  I can replace the drive, double my storage and be free of Memeo for $120.  That seems more sensible.  I’m a long-time fan of WD, love the drive, it was a great value.  Maybe I’m doing something wrong but, compared to the software that came with my former One-Touch, Memeo has been a catastrophic disappointment. 

Thanks again.