Memeo Backup


I’m using Memeo Backup with a MyBookWorld drive and I’m not sure of the current result. I have specified the software to suppress the deleted files and this is not working when you suppress a complete folder. In this case, the backup keeps the old entire folder and do not suppress it.

Is it normal or do I have a special thing to do?

Thanks for your support

Hi there, are you using WD’s version of Memeo Backup (Called “Anywhere” Backup) or the core Memeo software? o.o

On each case I’d suggest an update, but you can use the option to purge deleted files to force those folders out of the backup.


You’re right, I’m using WD Anywhere Backup (Memeo Backup is the name of the file which manage it in fact !).

I have already checked that I’m using the latest version. From the beginning, I have forced the option “purge deleted files”.

This is working well for stand alone files, but this does not delete a complete folder in the backup when the folder is deleted on my PC. That’s my concern because when you cancelled a large folder on your PC, it is not deleted on the backup, which means the backup needs a large place on the WD backup disk.

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What if you try another software? What you want to do (Having the same files even if deleted) is called a synchronization. Memeo (On their website) has a specific software for that, you can also try DMailer or GoodSync.


I just want to ensure that the backup is 100% compliant with my PC. Again, this is working well for standalone files and not for folders. I don’t know if this is something normal for this software or if there is something wrong with my installation. I have already 2 PC workingthe same way with this software, so I don’t think this is related to the installation.

I don’t want to use another software as WD anywhere backup was the one which was delivered with the WD drive, so I don’t want to put additional money on this.

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