WD Anywhere Backup how to remove files?

I had originally selected “My Documents”, and then proceeded to painstakingly select only the folders/files inside there I wanted backed up only to realize that it’s backing up the whole folder.

So I mapped Drive A to the drive path to Documents, and re-did my selections.

In “Change Selected Files”, I removed “My Documents”, and it once again shows up as a choice to make.

The only problem is, if I look at the file structure in the backup tree, it still has all those “My Documents” files in there, so they’re now in there twice!

I was hoping it would purge what I was no longer backing up, but in the absence of that, I was hoping for a ‘gentle’ purge command rather than just nuking files.

So I come down to this… can I just nuke files from the backup structure, or will I mess up some internal count/tracking thing?

Worst case would be to just nuke the folder and begin anew… I don’t have an issue with that, if that’s the answer.



Found the answer on the Knowledge Base:


Essentially you remove the backup plan you want to change, then go out to where you were backing up to, find the folder name that matches the backup pan and nuke it.

I figured that was the answer, but was hoping for some confirmation, and the knowledge base did it.

It’s almost done removing all the duplicates and unwanted files so I can start over.