WD Anywhere cannot find my backup

My 1tb my book NHD keeps loosing it association to by my back-up.  It cannot find the back up.  when I try to reassociate it to the folder I created for the back up it says no plan found. Is it a cookie I deleted, why cannot I reassociate?  this has happened twice before. I am on version 4.00.5484

The first thing I would do is update to the latest version. Once done, try again and reply back to let us know if the issue is still occuring.

I’m having the same problem using the up-to-date software on XP.

I already have the latest version. No luck.  What should I do know

Why is this issue not being addressed by WD staff? People all over the internet are having the same problem with “no backup plans found.” Essentially, now we have a big ol’ hard drive and no way to do real time backups to it. Isn’t this the whole point of getting a Western Digital drive with WD Anywhere installed? Something is wrong with the Memeo software!

In my case, I couldn’t move my computer image files over b/c the drive came formatted FAT32 and my image files were larger than 8GB. I had to reformat the disk as NTFS and once I did, the WD Anywhere software was no longer able to see my backup plans even though I must have set up the backup plans 10 times  over. 

Don’t tell me about firmware, I already upgraded it to the latest. I even completely uninstalled WD Anywhere and reinstalled it and it STILL can’t find the backup plans!!! Now I’m stuck trying to use Win7 backup and it has taken 24 hours to backup 45% of my data!

We paid good money for this drive, WD, don’t leave us dead in the water and just stop replying to posts you can’t fix. If it’s Memeo (and I think it is), then work together and get this fixed for your customers.

For other people with this problem, see:






thank you very much meemster for links you posted. I finally find the solution. One backslash and it is.
I also agree with your words about WD and Memeo. I am very disappointed with this.:mansad:
Sorry for my english, I am from Czech Republic.

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