The voltage of the HDD required

What is the voltage required for this hdd? I recently brought the 2tb version and I need to know if 7V is enough for the hdd

It’s a SATA drive which requires 5V DC as well as 12V DC.

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What is the device you are using with the WD Purple HDD? Can you please share more details about it?
Tony is right! Despite being a surveillance drive, the WD Purple is just like any other 3.5" SATA hard drive, so it has the same 5V DC and 12V DC power requirements. You can check more about them on the WD Purple Specs sheet.

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This is the device

I wanted to put a 5V cooler inside the dvr (12V psu) by using a split molex thinking/hoping the hdd will be lower voltage but I will put a separate power for the cooler

Inside the dvr:

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Splitting a power supply doesn’t lower the voltage – the HDD will still run on 5V/12V while the cooler runs 5V. What you’d need to be concerned with is the POWER available in watts.

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