WD 2 TB Purple does not power up

I recently purchased a 2TB Purple HDD (model WD20PURZ, date: 13 May 2018), and when I connect it to the DVR it would say that it does not detect it ( 12V/2.5A).

I assumed either the DVR is faulty or the drive was not getting enough power.

I read online that it could be that the amperage was low, so I purchased a power-supply 12V/5A

But the drive does not spin up!

Do you guys think drive is faulty.

PS: hello all, first post in the forum.

Hi charm_quark,

You can refer the link mentioned below and check the power management column to find out the average power requirements under different operations on the drive.

I checked that it has enough power, I borrowed a 2 Tb from a friend ( a Toshiba) and works fine. I guess the new drive is dead then :frowning:

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