Question concerning WD Black and WD Blue compatibility with my PSU

I will be buying a WD Blue or WD Black HDD shortly. But, before buying, I want to know if they can work without the 3.3 V wire that usually is found in SATA power connectors. This is because, my desktop PSU’s SATA power connectors consist of 5V wire, ground wires and the all-important 12V wire, and 3.3 V wire has been completely eschewed by  the manufacturer of the PSU for SATA power connectors. I won’t be able to replace the PSU. Hence, quickly answer if WD Blue or WD Black can function smoothly without that 3.3 V Wire [Reminder: Please do not tell me to run my eyes over the documents and PDF spec/data sheets of them in the official site of Western Digital, as nothing perspicuous is mentioned over there].

Hi JaniceSexy, yes, it will work. 

WD’s datasheets are very scant, but they do mention the power requirements (+12V and +5V, no +3.3V). The drive’s label also has this information.