The external HD doesn't show up in "my computer"

I first used the HD on a Mac and used it as a backup (time machine), now I’m using a Windows but I can’t see it.

My Passport Ultra 1 TB


Windows cannot recognize a drive that has been formatted for Mac. If you want to use it on Windows again you will have to format it for Windows. This will delete all the data on the drive.

How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OSX

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 what if I want to keep the files? can’t I like keep the backup in one partition and the files I want to put on it on another one?

Just create 2 partitions dude. hfs+ for mac, ntfs for windows.

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How do I do that? I can’t even get it to show!

(and I don’t wanto to delete the files!)

well you’ll have to go back to the mac, create an empty partition by resizing the current partition.  for the new partition, choose FAT as the filesystem type.

now this partition will be seen in windows when you connect the drive. you can use it as it is, or format it to NTFS within windows. it will be seen now.

How do I do that?

Does it have to be the same mac  (I don’t have it anymore)?