How to make partition on WD My Passport 1TB ext hard drive separately for MAC & WINDOWS

Hi, i’ve recently bought WD My passport 1TB external Hard drive. Now i want to make 2 partitions of it using the “DISK UTILITY” application that comes with MAC. For the 1st partition i want to make it with Mac OS Extended(Journaled) of 500GB and for the rest of 500GB i want to make the file system as NTFS for using in windows system. But i am not getting NTFS format from the drop down list during the partition. I know i can do FAT32 format also but NTFS would be more helpful as i am going to backup my personal important documents which are more than 4GB in size from my PC .Please help me . Thanks

Make your partitions and instead of formatting the Windows partition to NTFS, choose FAT32 and then change it to NTFS using Windows. When in Windows, go to Start, right click Computer, and choose Manage. Then find Disk Management, and choose the FAT32 formatted partition, right click on this, choose Format, and choose NTFS from the dropdown. This should solve your issue.

I was going to do the same thing, but then read about exFat. Are there Pro’s and COn’s of doing it either way?

thank you so much for the idea