The Disc You Have Entered is not readable by this Computer!

I entered my external hardrive and it gave me that message [iN THE SUBJECT]…Is My External drive Corrupted??

What format are you using for the hard drive? You can go to the disk utility and select the repair option.

I tried to repair it but it tells me last volume of
block can’t be repaired

I am geting the “the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” error, also.

And the 'repair disk" and “verify disk” options are not availablre in Disk Utility.

Any ideas how to fix this?

OK, I’m not a very happy camper right about now.

This is the *SECOND* WD My Book that has failed on me.

The first failed under warranty and was replaced by WD.  But the warranty was not extended and now the replacement drive has failed.  I’ve lost my data not just once, but TWICE now.  And I’m now not only out of my data, but out of 2TB of external storage as well.

This thread indicates “solved,” yet I see no solution here.  In my case, the drive won’t even mount.  Rather, it sits on my desk making noises like an angry electric shaver. The drive light flickers, then goes solid and then repeats the cycle.

I now begin to question the value of WD’s quality assurance.  I can see the possiblity of one drive failing, but TWO??? In a span of only a couple of years?  And I don’t move the drive or even power cycle it.  It simply sits plugged into my computer and it’s only when I reboot the machine (once every 45 days or so) that a reconnection must be made.

This is not good. I’ve lost Time Machine backups, work files, music and media data and more.

I don’t think there’s a solution available.  I’ll need to buy another disk.

But it won’t be a Western Digital.