Tests failed; but now, is it o.k?


I tested a wd green 1 tb drive that was becoming very slugish and which windows advised a disk check.

So I first bought a new wd drive and copied everything over before I attempted to repair bad sectors.

I ran a quick test= it failed , I ran an extended test = it failed.

I then wiped the entire drive thinking it was time to send it back for a replacement. However, after running a multi pass wipe to clean the drive of information. (o’s and 1’s and so forth)…I re-ran a test; with new results:

quick test = it passed.

extended  = it passed.

I am wondering is it wise to still use this drive or would Wd recomend, whilst it is still under guarentee, to send it in for a


thanks for info. : )

Could you please install hard disk sentinel ? See what is the estimated health/performance

Also check the SMART values for Reallocated Event Count and Current Pending Sector. If their values are not 0, your hard disk is failing. I wouldn’t use it for anything important. WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic should be able to do that, otherwise just find other freeware such as hdparm.

thanks David

hard disk sentinel states.

100% performance

98% health.

before i wrote 0’s across the disk , it was very slow, files were not writing to it correrctly.

and as said it failed short and extended tests on data lifeguard, hence i was about to send back.

very worried to trust it with any data to be honest.  but maybe this is a common thing and i shall be o.k?

i have screen shots of the failed results of datalifeguard

and still under guarantee.

i shall have a look, thanks.


  : )

hi , here is smart data on my drive. It has warranty ‘1’ next to cetain attributes.  Does this mean it needs to be sent back?