Hard Drive fails Data Lifeguard Diagnosis

These test results below are from a new drive purchased a few months ago. What do I make of them?

s/n: WD-WMAYS0047842

SpeedFan Smart diagnosis shows problems with a “pending sector” and gives it an overall Fitness score of 0%.

I tried running Data Lifeguard Diagnosis and the Smart section, under the warranty column, show 3 1’s(ones) and the rest 0 (zeros). I have no idea what this means, but when I ran the Quick Test it immediately failed with this error message:

“Quick Test on Drive 2 did not complete”
“Status Code= 07 ( Failed read test element) Failure checkpoint = 97 (unknown test)”
“SMART self-test did not complete on drive 2”

Hard Disk Sentinel shows 17 hours of power on time. I purchased this new drive in Sept 2018.

I’m having trouble getting through to the warranty/support part of the WD website (internal server error) to register this drive…so I’m asking for advice here about this problem.

Problem is fixed, at least for the time being. I ran chkdsk /r and after that I was able to run the Data Lifeguard short test. It passed but SpeedFan was still giving a fitness rating of 0%. I then ran the extended test on Data Lifeguard, it found some problems so I chose the repair option. And that seems to have brought the drive back to where it passes all the tests, including a long scan for bad sectors (didn’t find any).