While synchronising my hard-disk with my new My Cloud Home files appear on my hard-disk suggesting something went wrong as the filenames all start with filenames containing ‘sync-conflict’ (see the list below).

My questions are:

  • Can someone tell me why these files are generated?

  • Can someone tell me what to do?




When a file has been modified on two devices simultaneously and the content actually differs, one of the files will be renamed to .sync-conflict--.. The file with the older modification time will be marked as the conflicting file and thus be renamed. If the modification times are equal, the file originating from the device which has the larger value of the first 63 bits for his device ID will be marked as the conflicting file. If the conflict is between a modification and a deletion of the file, the modified file always wins and is resurrected without renaming on the device where it was deleted.

Beware that the .sync-conflict--. files are treated as normal files after they are created, so they are propagated between devices. We do this because the conflict is detected and resolved on one device, creating the sync-conflict file, but it’s just as much of a conflict everywhere else and we don’t know which of the conflicting files is the “best” from the user point of view. Moreover, if there’s something that automatically causes a conflict on change you’ll end up with sync-conflict-…sync-conflict -…-sync-conflict files.


  • unsync the computer
  • manually delete all the sync-conflict files from all locations
  • keep the originals


I only use one device (= my PC) to modifie files so files can’t be modified one two devices. Unsync en restarting sync ain’t a option for me. I already did that once and now I didn’t switch off my PC for many days as the sync process takes many days.

I use:
WD Discovery 2.1.378
My Cloud
Windows 10 Home (version 1709)


Update: Now files are deleted from my hard-disk. What a lousy product! I will switch off the My Cloud Home and return it tot the store.


I’m having the same experience… It looks like MY CLOUD HOME was only designed for storing photos & music. As soon as you try to store editable files such as an excel or word file and start editing them you get overwhelmed with sync conflicts. Feels like the software developers never considered that a file will ever be edited.

Btw I’m editing the files locally it’s just the fact that those folders are ‘synced’ with WD Mycloud home.


This was a (VERY) BAD surprise for me: all sync files located on “My Documents” were being deleted from my computer , period. It was sureal, I was watching the files disapearing until I UNSYNC the folder. Files were deleted, folders were not.

When I stoped, the local “My Documents” was with ~1500 files from the original ~4000.

Then I’m now copying files back from MCHDuo to my computer, folder by folder. Hope everything is there.

My Cloud Home Duo is my backup stance so I was using Sync. It is impossible to use a product like this one if I do not trust on it to keep files safe, duplicated.

I’ll say again: MCHDuo was deleting all the synchronized files from my computer.

Does someone else has experienced the same ?

@SBrown , how can I help you to understand and correct this problem ?

Firmware is 4.4.1-105
WD Discovery 2.1.378
My Cloud
Windows 10


Hi everybody, sorry even the topic is 12 month old, it is important for me to know now, if and how you solved the problem.
I´m using 2 Systems with the MCHDuo (Desktop and surface).
@sBrown: when there are files with the same name but different content, what is to do?
In my case the files in MCHDuo and Desktop are the same, that one in the surface is older and different. Two files with …sync-conflict- were correctly synced on all the three systems but their content is not the newest .
What are my next steps?