Switching My Book over from PC to Mac not working

Hi - couldn’t find a specific answer to my problem here. I bought a Mac Book Pro. I had a PC with WD My Book hard Drive. All the data in iCloud I’ve saved. Using disc utility on the Mac I tried to format the drive anew so as to use it on my Mac B P. Problem is that the drive doesn’t show up in the list of drives in the left hand column from the utility. Does anyone have any ideas?
MUCH appreciated!!

Hello selab,

Did you try using WD Drive Utilities to erase the My Book drive in MacOS Extended file format to use in your Mac?

If not, then I would recommend you to use WD Drive Utilities to erase the My Book in MacOS Extended file format in order to use in your Mac. You can refer below link to know more about the Drive Utilities.


Much thx for your response asp73. I downloaded WD Drive Utilities but I’m unclear of how I use it. It shows up in my Disc Utility but following the erase procedure I get the message that the drive can not be erased.
So I’m stuk. Do you have any ideas?

Did you refer this article to format the My Book drive using Disk Utility?


Again thank you for your quick answer!

I’ve spent hours and hours backing up all my files to iCloud so I can reformat the WD My Book from Windows (pc) to Mac and reload them on it.

So I was quite frustrated when after all that time invested it didn’t work out for me.

It’s late here in Holland so I’ll try it in the next few days and let you know if I’m successful.

MUCH appreciated!!

Hello asp73 -

Hope this mail finds you well. I’ll be getting to my pc/ mac problem tomorrow and I had another question if I may. ‘El Captain’ and ‘High Sierra’ are the 2 operating systems handled in the solutions for this issue in the link you provided. I have Mojave 10.15.5 … do BOTH the solutions werk for Mojave as well or one of the 2 or is there another solution for my operating system(Mojave) then?

Thank in advance for your response .

Kind regards - David