Surviving unexpected power outages

My first post to this forum was associated with me unplugging my MyCloud, this appearing to cause problems for it, recorded here:

I came to the conclusion eventually that it was the firmware upgrade, and poor integration of Twonky that caused problems, and the power removal was largely incidental.

Well, whilst doing some work in the garden on Friday, I managed to trip my house’s central RCD, blacking out the entire house.  Twice…

I’m pleased to say that the MyCloud came back up without any problem, as did my router and media box.  Even the Twonky server restarted perfectly, thanks to the changes I’ve made to the way it’s configured:

Just thought a positive note might be nice for once, in amongst the stream of woes…


Thanks for sharing your experience with the community.

I glad to hear that your unit survived the outage.

any computer should recover from a power outage with minimal issues if any, however this can very and depends on the operation. For example applying a firmware mycloud updata or Windows patches during a storm (or while garening :wink: ) would create a much higher risk and should be avoided and power should always be shutdown properly when possiable