MyCloud Mirror Won't Re-establish after Power Outage

Since the latest Firmware Update (2.11.133), I’ve had issues trying to get the MCM back on line after a power outage (twice now). The only way I can accomplish this is by pressing the hard reset button with a paper clip behind the drives. I have on older Wordlbook 1TB drive that does not have this issue. Before the latest firmware update, I didn’t seem to have this problem. The MCM has been in use for about 1 year. Does anyone know what a solution to this annoyance is?

What have you tried so far? Does a static IP configuration address this behavior? Are you able to access the unit’s Dashboard even though stored data is inaccessible until rebooted?

Trancer - I received a reply from WD Support and they recommended that I re-install the firmware and I did that. So far, so good. I’m not using a static IP, but my modem has IP reservations and so that, I wouldn’t think, make a difference. As far as accessing the Dashboard, that isn’t possible after a power outage for some reason even though all indicator lights on the front panel are blue…the top light pulsing like it is in sleep mode. What I didn’t try was to ping my drive when this happens, So, now that I’ve re-applied the firmware, we’ll see how it goes.