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Hi Guys, this is my first post.

I was going out to purchase the WDHD Live when I saw a few entries on other boards re. subtitles that did not work.

I have ripped my DVD’s using MakeMKV and produced MKV files that contain subtitles in the VobSub format.

Can you please tell me if they will play without alteration or would I have to convert them or rip-rip the DVD’s.

Many thanks.

How about reading the stickies?

17 hours I’ve waited for information one of the widest selling MD’s on a forum viewed one of the largest nations in the world for what?

Sarcasm, great. I’m from the UK, 60 yo and not too au fait with these sort of things or possibly forum etiquette. But surely this community is better than that, eh?

Techflaws, your signature says


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How do you attain such esteem?

Dude. Don’t be upset. WD isn’t that great after all. I gotten a made in china media player and it beats WD hands down. I believe in a year time Chinese media player will dominate the market and over take WD which is overpriced and limited functions.

Try google search for sub and renamed that to your file name. For mkv it support external sub.

caveman38 wrote:

How do you attain such esteem?

Among other things by compiling valuable info that are stickied atop the threads and usually read by people before they bother to register and start questions already answered in there.

Techflaws, I appreciate now that you are in fact a big contributor to this forum . You are also an expert and obviously spend a lot of your time wriying these stickies.

I confess that I am not too well practiced in the etiquette of forums, for example reading the stickies. I shall therefor look at those first before I post.

I just took exception to your post as I had said all my pleases and thankyous and felt your reply was more abrupt than I would have liked.

I would have said “the answer to your question can be found in the sticky entitled  “WD TV LIVE persistent subtitle issues”” rather than “How about reading the stickies?”

But thanks anyway for drawing my attention to the solution.

Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated and necessary for old chaps like me.