My Experience with WD TV Live and This Forum

First, this forum has been extremely helpful, and I thank everyone for the effort they make to help others here, most of whom are desperate for answers.  I, in particular would like to thank “roofing guy” and Tony, both of whom have been very responsive to my queries.  Kudos to both of you.

Now for the WD TV Live Media Player.  Although it hasn’t reached perfection, it’s the best media player I have found.  I was looking a long time for a “small form” factor that wouldn’t inundate my living room and WD filled the bill perfectly.  I had trouble streaming my blu-ray rips from another location on a Windows PC, but he problem seems to lie within the OS and not WD.  I am content, for he moment to use two USB external drives connected to the WD.

I also had a problem with the latest firmware (I was seeing a green screen).  I was, however, able to correct It by simply choosing 8-bit, instead of 12-bit: it didn’t affect my viewing experience either.

I also learned to be careful anytime I am around the HDMI connector.  The slightest movement seems to disconnect the player from my A/V receiver.

I learned that I can use Handbrake to diminish the size of my blu-ray rips, but I lose subtitles.

So, all in all, I’ve learned some things through trial and error, much more with the help of forum participants, and I don’t think my education is quite over just yet.

Thanks to all.

 I learned that I can use Handbrake to diminish the size of my blu-ray rips, but I lose subtitles.

Well, here’s a freebie.  :)

Use the program TSMuxerGui to “pull out” the BD Subtitles out of the BD structure.

Use the free program BDSup2Sub to convert the BD SUP format to VobSub format.

Use MKVMerge to merge the new subtitle track into the MKV file you created with Handbrake.

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See? I told you somebody could come along to help you with the subs in BluRays… I knew it could be done, I just couldn’t remember how. :smileyvery-happy:

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You guys are great!  Thanks so much.

I am very grateful for your help.  But I’m not as astute as you or Tony.  I have downloaded the first two items that you mention, but can’t seem to locate the third.  Moreover, when you have the time, would it be possible to put up in pics instructions for using these programs?  If it is too cumbersome or time-consuming, I certainly understand.  Thanks for everything!

MKVMerge -->

I’ll post pics shortly in a new thread; chances are other people may want the info and it’ll be better in its own thread.

Here ya go: