Subtitle help

Hi all,

Might come across as noob question so apologies, also might come across as a question which many might have answered before. just requesting guide me in right direction.

I have these japanese anime series. it is both in AVI or Mkv formats.

When I watch it on my PC it has hard encoded or pre-set subs already there in Englsih. However when I play them on WD TV Live, i cannot see subtitles.

I already have by default subtitles to be on. But when i play the file on LEFT on corner “Subtitle OFF” comes. and as much as i press on subtitle button nothing happens.

Is there a way out? 

Thank you


I don’t know bout the MKVs but If the AVI already got hardsubbed subtitles I have no idea why the subs won’t show up. Are you sure those AVIs are hardsubbed?


I also felt may be some MKV trouble. So  i converted my MKV to AVI on my pc. Then transferred them back again n still the hard coded subs are missing. Rest Video/Audio plays perfectly fine.

Just wondering why on top Left hand i get Subtitle:Off, even when by default its on.

Are you sure the subs were hardsubbed when you converted the MKV to AVI? Have you tried it on a PC?

Sorry can’t be of much help. I’m using the older WD TV Live (not the current one in the wdtv live page) and it’s remote doesn’t have a subtitle button. Anyways mine doesn’t have problems with subs on MKVs aside from it treats the **bleep**/SSA subs in MKVs like SRTs. Which is why i avoid playing MKVs and instead use hardsubbed MP4s.

i have played mkv, avi etc with SRT files and with no issues

only this Anime am facing problem. More over yeah i checked on PC the subs are there both in MKV and AVI. so kinda facing blank wall.

Ah thats really weird… the AVI thats hardsubbed but not displaying the subtitles.

Sorry can’t really help :confounded: Maybe a firmware update? I myself haven’t tried it since i don’t have any problems and the added features i don’t really need.

What are you watching anyway?

The subs can’t be hardsubbed, otherwise they would show up on the LIVE and in any converted file. So the question remains: what is the original container and what format are the subs?

hi sorry had work took time to reply.

Ok problem bit solved but still on.

See this anime had 8 episodes. out of which Ep1,2,7 & 8 are Mkv and others are AVI.

First there is no extra subtitle file. As in its just the video file. On PC i dont have option to choose subtitle in VLC player. They are already there in english.

Now, the first time when i played this series on my WD TV LIVE, i faced error on Episode 1 n 2 and i got irritated n stopped. I thought must be MKV issue. So i converted all files to AVI, and recopied on a pen drive.

Still when Ep1 n2 which are now AVI i faced issue, i came to the forum. Now yesterday for no reason I tried episode 3 on my WD, and it worked with Subtitles. And i have not pressed any settings etc. This time too on top Left corner it said “subtitles off” .  Then I went to Ep 7 and again no subtitles were displayed…

So its bascially issue of MKV or Converted MKV files on which the subtitles are not displayed. Does this help ?

Original container  of Subs? could you be bit more elaborate, Thank You

What is this error you faced with ep1-2? What app did you use to convert it to AVI? Are you sure those converted ep1-2 AVIs got subs when you try it on VLC?

Ep3-6 which are originally in AVI should have no problem displaying subs like you said.

And like i said what anime are you watching? If you can’t tell, just email it to me

Thanks again have mailed you

AVI is a container, MKV is a container, only the later contains subs. Anime often has some subs hardcoded and additional subs are shown via A S S files. WDTV can play those but not properly, all position information is ignored. You should post the output of Mediainfo of the 2 MKVs that did not work (paste into code tags).