With regard to Tony's Guide

I have searched for this on the forums, but dont seem to find it covered (or I could be a massive dolt who doesn’t know how to use the search function correctly)…

I have been using DVDFab for my backing up.  Its been pretty good except for something that came up this weekend when watching a movie (which I am sure people know about).  Watching Kill Bill V1.  The subs are not hardcoded (Japanese speaking parts for example).  Upon searching the net there are a lot of movies (much to my surprise) that are like that (Avatar, District 9, etc).  I was happy with the .m2ts format, but dont mind the .mkv type.  Will Tony’s version allow for the subs like in Kill Bill to show up or am I just plain out of luck.  I know that the menus are not functional if I go the ISO format, but isnt there a software out that will strip out menus and unwanted subtitle streams for a BluRay like there was for regular DVD’s (I think it was called DVD Rebuilder or something like that).  I just want the movie and the subs…hardcoded or not.

PLEASE excuse the newb-ness of the question.

What you’re describing are called FORCED subtitles.

And yes, my guide explains how to handle forced subtitles.

Ok…I thought I was the man when ripping my collection.  *sigh*  So, the Mkv file that is created is the same quality video and audio of the blu ray…correct?

Well, it CAN be, depending on how far down the steps in “the guide” you go.   If you just rip out the M2TS file and subs, and then modify the subs for handling FORCED, then yes, it’s identical qualtiy.

Going to do the KB V1 right now.

On another note…what do you know about the whole “syncing” thing with the Live media Hub.  I have the WD Live and a My Book essential.  When I tranfer through the network, the Hub recognizes the movies.  When I connect the My Book to my computer, it doesn’t recognize…unless I sync…which takes FOREVER due to the size of the media (Blu rays) i have on there…then the media hub will often tell me it has run out of room…and then I am left with what appear to be duplicate files.  I cant figure out what I am doing wrong.

Quick question…would there be any reason why I couldnt take my BD folder and instead of using HANDBRAKE to just use MakeMKV to make the mkv…then mkvmerge to do the forced subtitles?

I don’t use syncing…  I barely use the internal HD at all.

You don’t have to use Handbrake at all unless you want to recompress the video to save about 2/3 of the space.

have done something wrong because when I tried to play my mkv file it would play for about 3 sec. then kick back to the video selection screen. 

Oh, and with the syching thing…I figured a way around that.  When I converted with DVDFab it put them into seperate folders.  So, when I hook the My Book to the Media Hub, I cancel the synch…go to my desktop, through the network I move from the seperate folders to the main folder for all my movies.  VIOLA!  The media hub now recognizes the videos.

Also, if I know a movie has no subs I need (something like Backdraft), I could just use tsMuxer to pull the main movie and any audio I want rather than waiting a ton of time like DVDFab makes me do…right?

So far…no luck.  I have to turn on subtitles…which of course I don’t want to do because even the english lines show up. 

If anyone has successfully done this with a movie like Kill Bill V1…I would appreciate some help

Oh, OK, you didn’t say that before, or I missed it.

If you want the subs to appear WITHOUT having to turn on the track, then you have to BURN IN the subtitle track into the video itself.  In order to do that, you MUST re-code the video stream.   Handbrake CAN do that for you.

So what you’ll need to do is go through the guide that I wrote, all the way to the end.

One of the IDX files you’ll add is the FORCED subtitles that I explain in step 5A.

After you’ve fully muxed down the MKV file, LOAD that into HANDBRAKE.

Add the Subtitle track that contains your FORCED subtitles, and click the BURN IN radio button.

Then GO.  Be prepared to wait a while.   My Six-Core 2.8GHz linux workstation would take about 2x to 3x as long as the movie to do the transcode.

There’s no need to burn in the sub when Settings > Video Settings > Subtitle defaults to ON. Just mux it into MKV and set the flag to forced.

WDTV is obeying the forced flag now?  I didn’t know that.

On MKVs but not on all file types yet, I’m hashing out the differences with WDTV support.

Tech…may I assume that you are referring to using MkvMerge for your muxing?  Also, if that is the case, where did I miss the “flag” for forced subs…

I did happen onto a solution for this whole mess…critiquing would be appreciated…

  1. Rip BD onto HDD with AnyDVD

  2. Use DVDFAb to strip all but main movie and subs for those that arent already hardcoded (Kill Bill, Avatar)

  3. Use image burn to create BD iso…

It worked for Kill Bill…but I did have to manually turn on subtitles for it to work.  I was able to use DVDFab to just do a quick sample so I didnt do the whole disk and then find out it didnt work.

Edit…I found the section for turning the forced flag on…(yes, I am blind at times)

Well, when I did the force thing…I still am running into the problem of the MKV restarting after only a few seconds.  Here is what I am doing:

  1. Make MKV to create the MKV thats just video and the audio that I want

  2. Using Tony’s guide to get the subs I have looked for the “non full movie” subs for that particular movie.

  3. Using MKVMerge I bring the two files together (mkv and idx)

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Since DVDfab and Clown_BD did not work on all BDs tested so far, my current ripping workflow looks like this:

  • rip main movie with DVDfab (no need for AnyDVD)

  • demux with TSMuxer

  • mux with MKVToolnix

WD fixed missing PGS support in firmware 1.06.15, so I skipped adding VobSubs. However, as I just found out, PGS subs from rips done with MakeMKV still do not work. YMMV depending on how forced subs are authored; when done as a separate stream there should be no issue. My MKVs play back without any problems.

So, IYHO do you feel there is any difference between the MKV and ISO quality of video?  I have read most say no, but just curious.

Here is a funny thing…I have been wondering why some of my videos show the name of the movie without an extension, while others have the .m2ts, ISO, etc  Its not something like one is on the Live Hub and other is on the My Book.  I cant figure out why that is.

The reason I use AnyDVD is that it has yet to encounter any disk that cant be ripped.  I had a couple (can’t recall names) that DVDFab wouldnt read.

On another note…is there a better site than this for looking at which movies have hardcoded and which have forced subtitles: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=t8Xb85eyNFtZ3vaNK8gqkbQ&single=true&gid=0&output=html

Of course there’s no quality difference since in both cases it’s the same video stream, only in a different container. However, the MKV container is more efficient so the same video will need less space. Of course you can use AnyDVD, however DVDfab is updated any time a disk can’t be decrypted and unlike the former, the ripping part stays freeware. In any case, the workflow remains: rip -> demux -> mux.

I don’t know of any sites listing subs, nor if there are any movies out there that actually have hardcoded subs. My latest tests (Avatar and LOTR) had forced subs as a separate stream.

Hard-coded subs are fairly common in the US where the distribution of that movie is only intended for the US, so there’s no risk in hard-coding ENGLISH subs instead of making them Soft/Forced subs.

But, as movies continue to be authored for a more international distribution, they are becoming less common. 

[deleted]…thought I had a good copy of avatar…the problem came with the adio being slower than the video.  in tsmux…there is only an option for 24…not 23.976 (or whatever)…so I assume thats the issue when it doesnt detect the frame rate properly…guess I will have to do the 15hr handbrake option…UGH