Support says my passport ultra not installed properly

I bought passport ultra 1 tb to back up my files before upgrading my computer that is XP 3 pack 32bit , this passport is suppose to be compatible for XP.
No real instructions came with it , graphics showed the hook up and the http address.
When I hooked it up, the computer detected new device , balloon pop up install now I clicked to begin process after it finished I went looking for it and couldn’t find it, in trouble shooting I went to WD site to look it up for advice under installation for XP I found that shouldn’t have allowed the computer to install.
I called support, after trying different things they said it must not be compatible with my computer, status my passport is listed in devices , I have partition with no letter assigned and though I am the administrator I have no control to assign letter or format , under UBS there are 2 usb storage devices one is passport , under disk drives passport listed ,under device drive SES is listed .
I wrote to support with my information and they recommend doing a low level format or write zero to erase the WD hard dr. in the link there are 5 choices Data Life Guard for windows, DLG for dos , 1 for acronis ,WD smart ware and WD drive utility ? which one do I use ? Is there another way of undoing the installation or fixing the problem ? when doing the low level format should the passport be plugged in ? thanks

Hello, I would recommend you to use the WD DLG for Windows as you already have a working system. On the physical drives section you will see the My Passport and go from there.