Support NFS ver 3 and file locking


I have been using My Cloud 4TB drive as local file server for few years and it was working great. I purchased a My Cloud EX2 Ultra with 2x2TB drives last week. Both drives are on an isolated LAN with no access to internet.

I tried to use the EX2 drives same way as my old drive but keep getting timeout errors. Found out that the software I am using requires NFS version 3 and file locking to be enabled. The timeout I am getting is because of file locking is not working in my EX2 drives.

I have Share to Public = ‘ON’, Oplocks = ‘ON’, NFS share access = ‘ON’ and allow read/write from any host.

The default export options being used:

This is the export options in my old cloud drive, which is working:

Is there a way to change the NFS export options?
Does EX2 Ultra support NFS version 3?
Is there more configuration I need to do on the EX2 drive? I have only done configuration through the GUI so far.

I don’t want to send this drive back. Any pointers/guidance would be much appreciated.