Suggestion for reverting/rollback

Even before the recent string of betas came out for the Live and the Live Plus I’d been experimenting with both my Live and my Gen 1.

I was swapping back and forth fairly constantly between stock WD and 3rd-party firmwares, to test various things out.

A couple of times, I had issues with the 3rd-party update and got the dreaded “Firmware Repair” screen on bootup.

So, I made myself a special “emergency” thumb drive (afer all, they’re cheap, right?).

On it, in the root, I have the last stable for the Gen1 and 1.02.21 for the Live.  I changed both .ver files to “99.99.99”  After all, since the wrong firmware files won’t be detected or installed, it doesn’t matter that there’s 2 different sets of firmwares on there.

So now, no matter what firmware happens to be installed, I can always insert that thumb and get back to “last known good” without having to hunt down rollbacks or anything else like that… it’s always just there when I need it.

If I encounter no major issues with 1.04.10, I can replace the 1.02.21 files on my emergency thumb drive, and again change the version, but for now I’ll leave 1.02.21 on there until I put 1.04 through its paces.

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Well I been using this box for about 6 months no tweaks no mods and it works fine up until this 1.04 patch 2 hours ago. I need to find the last firmware so that I can rollback until these issues are resolved. Any suggestions where I can find older firmware would be greately appreciated.

As of now I am dead in the water with choopy video playback leaving any video unwatchable.

Signalsoldier wrote:

Any suggestions where I can find older firmware would be greately appreciated.

Halfway down the page for the Live:

Halfway down the page for the Live Plus:

I have been to that url and looks like they have deleted the beta already :frowning:

Half way down… under “How to Roll Back to…”

The clickable link that says " Download firmware file >>"

The 1.02.21 zip file is still an active link for me.

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I knew that:smileyvery-happy:

thanks a mill! Imma give this a whirl

Roll back worked! I think I will stick with this for a while

While I am still trying to troubleshoot the new firmware I took it a step forward and blocked access from Router to , this way the player can’t look for upgrades , at least for a while untill this new firmware get’s fixed.

I posted this in a few other spots since I found it, but it seems WD now has official instructions for the downgrade…

Just thought you guys might wanna know…

i am currently rolling back my firmware as well there are 10 or more problems w the new firmware and i wasted two days trying to make it work. ive had enough. thank you for the link to revert. better off not updating at all. very dissappointed and annoyed.  buying this device was supposed to be enjoyable and its been far from that. in fact ive had more stress than when im at my job. :cry: