Stretch image to screen 4:3 to fit 16:(

Hi guys dunno if you can help.

I have the gen1 WD hd TV which is excellent on most accounts.

My question is on some files the video is 4:3 so i have black boarders on left and right. Is there any way to stretch this to fit screen ? I know the ratio will be off and the image will be stretched but iam ok with this.

Anyone know if it can be done ? i have looked everywere the only thing that would sort of do it is the zoom but thats not what iam after as some of the imaqge is removed.

hope you can help

I have a gen 2, so could be wrong for gen 1 - in audio/video settings I change to Normal for 4:3 and Widescreen for 16:9, the screen is then filled for both.