Streaming to Sonos

Thinking of buying both a Sonos system and WD My Cloud home drive. Can anyone tell me if I can stream from the WD to Sonos ?

Sonos should be able to access content located in \MyCloudHome-XYZ123\Public local LAN network folder.

Sonos has now added the My Cloud home as a service. You can add the My Cloud home Service to the Sonos device and it will be able to access files stored in the private user space. See the knowledge base article below for instructions.

First question: Does this streaming to Sonos from within the My Cloud Home Private User Space eliminate the 65,000 items barrier Sonos has?
Second question: When will this be available in Europe? I can’t find the My Cloud Home music service when trying to add a Music Service to Sonos.

I doubt that the service being added would remove a limit on the Sonos device side.

@drlucky: Thanks. Doubt is fine, certainty is better. Maybe a WD Staff member (@WD_MCH) could provide the answers to my 2 questions?

Adding the My Cloud Home as a music service would not eliminate any platform limitations of the Sonos device.

At this point we do not have a date when the My Cloud Home service will be available in Europe. The current beta is available in the US region only.

It’s a pity Europe has to wait… but thanks for answering.


Sonos Public Beta for My Cloud Home and Duo are now available in Germany and the UK.

I have an existing Sonos system and have recently purchased the My Cloud Home and have copied a huge music library onto it.
I have followed the instructions on adding the My Cloud Home as a ‘Music Service’ on my Sonos.
It’s certainly an interesting way of doing things.
I noted the warning of No Album Art, but proceeded anyway.
It’s rather disappointing that something as fundamental as Album Art is not displayed, are there plans for this to change?

Heartily agree. No album art makes MyCloud Home a second-class service! :frowning: Please prioritize completing this project.