My Cloud Home Duo incompatible with Sonos?

There doesn’t appear to be a simple way / path name to allow Sonos to see the WD Discovery mounted NAS storage. I have all my music on the web based bit of MCHDuo. I could of course copy all my music onto the windows mounted drive under a public folder, but this negates the whole point of a home ‘cloud’ with shared access wherever I desire, as the public folder is only shared on the LAN and not via the various web apps.

Any thoughts on setting up the library so Sonos can see shared music folders?

The only way Sonos would be able to see the music would be to put it in the public share. unfortunately as you point out that would negate cloud access to the files via the mobile and web app.

this would be a good post for the My Cloud Home Ideas board and request a feature that the public share would also be accessible via the mobile and web apps or possibly some integration with Sonos either an app or something else that would allow Sonos to see the files in the WD Discovery mounted drive.

Sonos has now added the My Cloud home as a service. You can add the My Cloud home Service to the Sonos device and it will be able to access files stored in the private user space. See the knowledge base article below for instructions.

Can you please provide a link to this information on Sonos’ website.
I’ve tried this and the My Cloud Home does not appear as a service to add
on my sonos system.

The current My Cloud Home service for Sonos is in beta and only available for the US region. I don’t have a date for the full release but it should be available in other regions once it is fully released.


Now available in Germany and the UK.