Stream WD MyCloud content on external Samsung TV


Is it possible to stream my Videos that are storaged on an WDCloud NAS via an external Samsung TV?

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Have you set up everything in the Dashboard? See image below. Is your Samsung TV a smart TV? Does it show up in the devices/Media Players?

My Sony 4KUHD Smart TV is the XDR 75X850D

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Yes, I have set up everything correctly.
In my local network everything works, but I want to access to my content through an external device.
The Samsung TV i want to stream from is not in my local Network.

Well, this might be the problem in that the streaming must be within devices in the local network. All devices that need to interact must all be within the same network and WORKGROUP…

I do not have a so-called smart TV, yet in a sense, I do have one. My TV can play anything I throw at it on the network, because I have devices on the Network that make it smart. Examples are WDTVs, Amazon Fire TV sticks and Chromecast dongle. ALL of these devices are connected to local network the way i described above.
You need to find out why your TV isn’t.

Ok, thanks for the good answer.
In my local network i works perferctly.
So it won‘t work on an external Samsung Smart TV?
Am I correct?

Sentence in BOLD above makes no sense. What does “I” mean, “It” perhaps? If so, what does “It” represent, the TV?

I could not have been more clear: that is, your TV must be on same network as My Cloud. If My Cloud is on Dave’s Network, then so must the TV.

How and why do you have more than one network? Are you running more than one router, if so that makes for two different networks. Not a good idea unless you understand the consequences of doing so.

TV Has to be on the Local Network … and content must be ‘Media Shares’ using DLNA Protocol.

I can stream content from the WD My Cloud (also with an attached hdd for storage expansion) to my 4K Panasonic Smart TV (on the Local Network) without any problems.

but I want to access to my content through an external device.The Samsung TV i want to stream from is not in my local Network

You should provide more info and tell us exactly what you’re trying to do … what is this “external device” ? you’re trying to stream from :confused:

Sorry for that poor information.
I want to stream the content from my WD NAS at an TV that is in another network(access the content via the cloud).
(The external Device is the Samsung TV)
On my mobile Device it works with the app „WD My Cloud“ and now i just wanted to know if there is a way to do that on the Samsung TV?

For future reference, the term and what you are asking … is called “Remote Access

Samsung TV is only DLNA Local Network Media streaming … but there’s a couple of ‘workarounds’ that people have used