Strange squeak on shutdown

Hello !!
I purchased a 1Tb Gold series HD drive. It works correctly and is not very noisy, except when turning off the PC, where the heads are first parked and then a long noise similar to a braking that lasts between 3 to 4 seconds.
The noise is similar to this:
It seemed over the top and never seen before by me, so I requested RMA. The new one makes the same noise and I have replaced it with a higher model from the Ultrastar Series, but the same thing happens to me!

To make sure of the problem, I connect and disconnect the power without plugging in the SATA cable, and the same result.

I have passed the Crystal and the Lifeguard and everything is OK, both the Smart and tests and performance.

Am I to assume this is a ‘by design’ effect? I do not think it is a failure of a game, since they are of two different models.
Is it a fault that could damage the unit in the future?
Has it happened to someone else?
Or is it a magnetic braking of the helium-filled units?

Greetings and thanks.


Please refer to the following KBA article:

Hello Logan. Thanks for your answer.

I had already reviewed that article, but this noise does not match any of those listed in it. It is much later than the parking of the heads and it seems a braking of the disc, as you can hear in the Youtube link. The disk passes all functional tests successfully and does not record any bad SMART data.
It has already happened to me with four units, three from the Gold series and one from the Ultrastar.

I have made a recording. You hear the shutdown first and then the noise: WD_Ultrastar_Noise

I have other WD Red and Blue drives and they don’t make that noise. I would like to confirm that it is ‘by design’ and will not be a failure in the future.
In Amazon they tell me that it is normal, but I would like to confirm with an expert.

Greetings and thanks.