WD2004FYBZ 2TB strange noise after shut down system

A new Western Digital WD2004FBYZ HDD makes a strange noise after shut down.
Pls check the video

It could be related to this topic https://community.wd.com/t/wd2002faex-2tb-black-6-gb-s-strange-noise-after-shut-down-system/14362.

The drive works perfectly in Windows and shows no SMART warnings.

I have already checked the drive with Quick Test in WinDlg.

Any ideas what could be the source of this noise? I have never heard a HDD making a noise like this.

Hi there,

I would suggest replacing the drive, this is not a common sound for an internal hard drive although the test pass that sound is not good. please refer to the following link for help with the replacement:

I hoped maybe this noise could be normal because there are no other signs of failing, perhaps due drive feature I don’t know.

But indeed I also considered that this is no normal noise and I don’t want to risk a data loss in the future.

I will follow your advice and get a RMA.

Thank you for your help.