WD Blue 2TB WD20EZAZ strange spin down squake sound

Hi, bought four WD Blue 2TB WD20EZAZ drives. All works properly, but at system shutdown they all produces unusual sound. Sounds like it has something brake mechanism that stops the disc.

Here is a recording. At live it is not that loud, but noticable. There are two spin down sound on the recording, 2 drives spins down, after the second 2 drives spinning up then immediately down.


A 5th drive produces exactly the same noise in the PC shop.

Is it normal with this drive?

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You could refer to the following link: Error

That braking sound is the disk itself spinning down and locking. Usually disks in an NAS box are subject to vibration as well as more noise.

Yes, this is one of the options. But this sound is unusual, earlier models do not make such a noise, they stop quietly. The new models (EZAZ series) may work differentlyth than the previous ones, they may be mechanically different, but I didn’t get reliable information about it.

Desktop disks have become noisier mostly due to the head assembly snapping back and forth. I using the disk optimizer and make sure the disks are organized well.

I think optimizing and head moving have nothing to do with spinning down the plate.

when spun down the head parks immediately to prevent damage in case the disk is removed for use elsewhere

Yes, it is a well-kown fact, but this is a fast action. This squeaking sound must be related to the longer moving plate and/or to the motor itself. Maybe it is something mechanical brake (it does not seem likely), or more likely just the motor itself with some reverse force to stop the plate faster.

That is what I want to know reassuringly, is these EZAZ series works with something new technology in it and is that the source of this unusual sound. (In the past, such noises have meant nothing good, predicted imminent failures.)

These new series disks have not been around long enough to find disks with 50,000+ operating hours on them to see how well they survive

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I’m not looking for long-term experience, I know this is a new series.

I’m trying to find out if these new series discs work differently than their predecessors, if they have some hitherto unused technology that is known to produce that sound.

Lately I have been buying server class helium disks which are notorious for being noisy. The helium disks have more platters as the friction is lower so they can be packed more closely together.

The design methodology has found its way into consumer class disks which have faster moving head assemblies.

Thank You for your time and effort, but generalities do not provide an answer for specific drives.

Without the disk in my studio, i can only generally comment from what I know about the recent WD blue series

Thanks, but I look forward to feedback from those who specifically have this new type of drive (EZAZ series) or know specific information about it.

Is it still happening in December 2023 ?

Yes. It looks like a normal behavior.

The sound seems to be characteristic of the drive’s spin-down mechanism engaging during the shutdown. It’s common for hard drives to make various sounds during operation, especially during spin phases, i.e. spin-up and spin-down phases.

However, if the sound continues to become louder or different or if it’s causing other concerns, then you should contact WD support for further assistance. They can guide what the sound is and how to avoid it and for any such circumstances it’s better to take a backup of your data, so that any type of data loss can be prevented.