Storing Sonos Media Library on MyCloud Home?


I previously used an older MyCloud device to store all my music files which were used as the defut media library for my Sonos system. Unfortunately the device failed and I have recently replaced it with a 6TB MyCloud Home.

I’ve tried to set it up in a similar fashion to the older device. Unfortunately it seems the range of options on the new device is seriously limited and I cannot find a way to link it up as the media library on Sonos which was the main aim of the device.

Anyone found a solution to get this to work?

I made the assumption that being a MyCloud device there wouldn’t be any major change the functionality but seems they have just made it an external HDD that can be accessed locally to store files and do little else.

Hi @Iceman_ai,

Please refer to the following KB article: 3rd Party App: How to Use Sonos System with a My Cloud Home