My Cloud Home as a Music Service on Sonos

I’ve had nothing but problems trying to get Sonos to access my My Cloud Home. It cannot be established on a new Music Path. I have had to establish it as a Music Service - so far so good. I cannot find a way to Update the Music Library on a Music Service. In developing the index Sonos has dropped dozens of albums into an Unknown Album folder and eliminated them from the overall Music Index. I cannot find a way to Update the Music Index either. My music is stored as WAV files after transferring from another storage device and according to the File Explorer all albums are exactly as I required in my index - but jumbled horribly when I go to the Sonos Albums selection in the My Cloud Home Music Services choice??? Can this distorted Index be rectified? My WAV files play as normal even though the WD Support file says WAV files ‘cannot be selected for media playback’. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


You could refer to the following link: