Storage Full?

I have a My Cloud 4TB, went to save some items to it and it shows that my storage is full?
I cant believe that I have that amount of photos on it. How can I found out how large each folder of photos is?
Strangely I have the identical amount of pictures on Icloud and the size is no where near 4tb.
Please help as I am very confused!!

Also, can I get additional ‘cloud’ storage that doesn’t store onto my hard drive?

@littletk19 Is that what the Dashboard is showing, that all available space has been used?

Below is an example image from my desktop computer running Windows 10. Do a right click on a folder and then open properties to see the folder size.


Free space is shown when you login to web interface. And its shows by type too.

Are you using WD Sync on computers to sync content to the My Cloud?

If so there is a well discussed problem (see the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right) in many past discussion of WD Sync filling up one’s hard drive. WD Sync creates a hidden folder that stores versions of synced files. It allows the program to restore a file if the user deletes it by accident.

WD does not offer any sort of “cloud” based storage to go along with the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

You can add a USB hard drive to one’s My Cloud to expand the My Cloud storage. The USB drive shows up as a new Share when connected to the My Cloud. The USB drive can also be used to backup the My Cloud drive using Safepont or Backup depending on which version My Cloud firmware one is running.

Or you can go with any other online cloud storage service both free and paid if you so desire. You would have use that services apps/software to move content from your mobile device or computer to that online storage service.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I use my device wireless as don’t have a desktop to access it like your pic. Attached is what mine looks like??image

Hi Bennor, how would I know if I am using we sync?

You would have to check what programs or software are installed on your computer to see if WD Sync is installed. WD Sync may also install a task bar icon if using Windows. WD Sync may also install a sync folder on the Windows Desktop.