Sticky's are missing (+why do topics have to be 10 char)

Perhaps I just have not found them, but they are not at the top. The old stickys from the old website, where are they?


Not sure about the stickies (that’s a @Bill_S question) but as for the 10 char minimum, it’s to reduce the cases of duplicate titles. If you notice in the URL that the board is not listed and instead the thread title is used as the link - this allows us to do things like move a post from one board to another without breaking links to it. (The number at the end is your current vertical position, so if you post a link in the middle of a long thread, whoever clicks it gets dropped to the same point in the thread you are currently at) Because of this all titles need to be unique - less than 10 characters and people would get frustrated because it keeps rejecting their titles for being duplicates.


In the migration from Lithium to Discourse, they were lost. If someone finds a topic that used be a sticky, let us know, and will will re-pin to the top of the board.