Sound issues w/ MKV

So out of nowhere MKV files won’t play audio… but not all of them. TV episodes in MKV work (1 GB area) but movies (4-6GB) won’t. They have before too but not now. Any idea as to why?

Maybe you have accidentally changed the settings on your receiver if you have one, so it only plays the files with stereo sound?

Or maybe you have changed the audio settings on your WDTV?

The movie files that worked before, do they still work? 

Explain more, what’s your setup?

Do you use the HDMI cable for both audio and video?

Or do you use a RCA or an optical cable for sound?

Which firmware do you use on your WDTV, and do you have the Generation 1 or 2 - WDTV? 

It’s really strange that you can play stereo (I guess that the TV-shows are in stereo), but not surround.

If all the settings and your setup is correct and the old movies that used to work don’t anymore, then maybe… your WDTV is broken…

I too am having problems with a movie downloaded as an MKV file - it is 6.7 GB & the sound will play on the computer but not through my media player - I have a WD TV HD Media Player.  I have been trying to convert it to different formats but the quality of the movie suffers greatly.  Any help would be greatly appreciated

Try connecting your WDTV with an optical cable to your stereo/surround system, that could help.

I remember that there is an issue with DTS and using the HDMI cable, but the optical cable should work.

I myself use an optical cable and I have 400+ MKV movies, the size of the files can be anything from 4.4GB up to 30GB, and I never have any problems with the sound.

// My WDTV (Gen 2) have the latest firmware //