Sort by Date

Hi, I have MyCloud connected to a Samsung Smart TV 6 series.
When entering the MyCloud service via the TV the option ‘by date’ was available, but not any more.

Is this a MyCloud setting or Smart TV setting?


Entering which ‘mycloud service’?

Twonky media server?
File server?

actually, i dont know what service i’m entering :thinking:
but attached is a picture of my tv view when entering wdcloud.

it used to give ‘by date’ option, but not any more.
is someone having the same issue? any solution for this?

Since you are accessing using a TV, I suspect you are accessing the DLNA Media Server.

I would use the Twonky UI (Sharing/Media Receivers) to check the Media Receiver Type and Navigation Type for your TV. Set the navigation type to ‘Advanced Media Navigation’.

Having said all that, I don’t see a ‘sort by date’ option when browing Twonky with BubbleUPnP.

Has your TV recentyl updated its firmware?
What settings are available under ‘Opties’ ?

thank you cpt_paranoia,

I’ve checked the Twonky settings. There I don’t see any setting for ‘sort by date’, same as you.
Tv software could have been updated, this goes automatic.
Under ‘options’ I can only filter pictures and video’s.

This little change is really annoying, especially since the source of this change is unknown.

What service / app should I use best to access my WDCloud media from my Samsung Series 6 TV?
The standard access has now become close to useless unfortunately.