Some Weird Question About WD My Book External Hard Drives

Greetings WD Community.
I have WD My Book 4TB , i want to ask some weird question related to my WD my book external hard drive … a question might be weird that causing i cant find any answer on google , forum etc.

  1. Since my book take own power from electric wall outlet , is it good to use an UPS for my WD my book ? in case to prevent unwanted spike and blackout since electricity in my country kind of sh*t.
  2. Does unwanted spike and blackout electricity harmful for wd my book?
  3. In my Country Indonesia have high humidity when raining season and high temperature when hot season . how should i store my wd my book when im not using it ? does store in the glass cabinet is good enough? or i should get a dry box for store my wd my book? i read in the user manual sheet about temp and moisture but i cant find any detail about it.
    thanks in advance
    hope you guys answer my questions as soon as possible.