My Book or My Book New?

Hello, new here! Old timer and I have just enough PC knowledge to be dangerous!! LOL!

So, I finally realize I must retire my old PC with Windows XP. I also have 3 external hard drives, 1 WD and 2 Seagates. I want to roll all 3 into a 4TB My Book but am confused if I should buy the My Book or the New My Book?

Thanks in advance to any helpful advice anyone may have.


Hi there Harry,

Both are really good products, however, the newer one (Model #WDBBGB0040HBK) holds a 3-year warranty instead of a 2-year like the previous version.

Thanks Feragui! I wasn’t sure and the language on the original my book threw me off when it said easy back ups and the newer model did not. Good to know their about equals.

You’re welcome !

Can you tell me the Model # for both the OLD, and NEW, 6TB “My Book”?
I did not see any Model # for either, on the website.
I ask, in order to distinguish them when shopping at other websites.