Some questions about WD TV Live (guess old generation)

Hello everybody!

Sorry for the asking some maybe the obvious questions.
My WD TV Live HD media player was purchased in 2011. It was fine to play media from HDD. Recently I’ve tried to play there the streaming videos. Firstly I made the uprade the Firmware from 1.04.17 to 1.06.43. But every site from the list of the Internet Media (Youtube Leanback, Live 365) doesn’t play. For example, the Youtube just shows the Youtube logo and nothing happens. So my questions for confirmation:

  1. is it Youtube Leanback is closed for WD now (just meet smth similar in the forum)?
  2. what the services are possible to play in this player now
  3. is it possible to add another site by yourself?

Thanx in the advance!

  1. Youtube, Live 365 + More are all discontinued on the WDTV

Firmware revision notes the last WD Media player:

  1. Very few i would imagine

  2. No

I abandoned using WD TV years ago and am happily using Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3 and Android. Everything is updated regularly. Can play the latest formats and streaming services.

Hello Joey!

Thank you for your quick answer!

  1. I’ve tried to update firmware by your link but the device didn’t recignize it like 1.06.43. So update was failed - I guess it is so because 2.03 is made for the next generation.
    2-3) I see :slight_smile:
    Yes, seems the situation moves to get the new modern player :frowning:

If you are on Firmware 1.06.43 … that’s a Gen 2 WD TV which is very old

that’s the latest (and last) firmware that came out 5 Years ago

Yes, i modern player for modern times is recommended … technology doesn’t stand still for long.

WD TV’s were great for their time … but that time has passed.