Solved - G-Raid G-Speed Studio 12 TB RAID and OS Ventura

I built a Ventura external boot disk drive and tested my old G-RAID G-Speed Studio 12 TB Raid with the new operating system. Happy to say it worked!

I can only claim that it works on a G-RAID G-Studio 12 TB RAID.

1 – Building the Ventura Boot Disk; I had problems creating one based on the instructions from the Apple site. I used Howard Oakley’s phenomenal step-by-step guide and his directions (written Nov 10. 2022) worked on the very first try. He did a few things differently than other directions and videos I have seen. I used a G-Mobile SSD formatted on APFS/GUID. I appreciated the fact that he did not use any “Terminal” commands.

Here is the link to the instructions.

2 – Download this file…
Direct Download: G_SPEED_Studio_Software_Utility_200520010.dmg

To find this file, go to, click Software by Product, click G-Speed Studio Utility, click download Mac OS 10.12+

3 – Download this file…

Look for this new driver dated 11-02-2022, V21.1.0-2
Pegasus32 Series DEXT Driver for Apple-Silicon Macs

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