Software for Passport Ultra

Hi, I found myself locked out of my new passport ultra, so I did the erase feature. I do not normally consider myself to be technology impaired, but I have spent quite some time looking through the forums to find help on exactly how to install the software. I have not found anything on here that is fully comprehensive or that makes full sense. I have had many problems loading the software, keep getting error messages, and have tried many of the suggestions just like on this post.: , but I still do not have working software and am more confused than ever. Can someone please take me step by step from a blank drive as to what I need to do. I have windows 8.1 and a 64 bit drive, and can give any other info needed. I see that there are several downloads on the passport page, and tried downloading to the computer and then copying. The last thing I did, it acted like it was doing something, but then nothing happened, (if that makes any sense). Anyways, can someone please go step by step and clearly explain the entire process of getting the software on my drive, in working condition, from beginning to end. Thanks so much.


You should be able to install WD SmartWare, WD Drive Utilities, and WD Security into your computer even if your WD Passport Ultra is not connected. The applications are installed as standard executable files and can operate with no compatible WD disk drive connected (For testing purposes).

Do you encounter an error message when you attempt to install the applications?