So what's the verdict on new firmware

to install or NOT

do not install it, you’d loose a couple of abilities and your thumbnails will be cropped incorrectly.

thanks for the info


Well, like any firmware update WD has made, there’s always plenty of people that have issues.

But there’re many more that don’t.  

Yes, I have an issue trying to get NEW thumbnails, but all of my existing ones are still working fine.   They’re not mis-cropped, they’re not distorted… they’re exactly as they used to be.

So you can either take it with a grain of salt and try it yourself, or listen to the voca majority (which is necessarily negative…)

well they still haven´t fixed glich with screen saver set to random photo kills music :frowning:

I´ll pass

I’ll stick to the 2.07.17 version because the new version does still contain quite a few bugs and also contains a new  movie cover bug.

Ow… They gotta fix this… can’t use music player till this is fixed…

SAY NO to the upgrade…

Come on developers… this should be an easy fix…

I am still OK with FW 2.04.13
here is a link to how to downgrade FW


It works but if u try to add new thumbnail what happens is u can search for the movie and u see the new filmbut when it trys to add it it will just be seen if u use the 3x3 grid if u use 4x4 it will not be shown.