So what are some things that can make a router or USB adapter not compatible?

I am looking at this list:,342/session/L3RpbWUvMTMyMDIwODY3Ny9zaWQvRFpvYWE0SWs%3D

My USB adapter is listed there D-LINK DWA-130 (not that specific revision), but not my router, a Netgear WRN2000V3.

I’m wondering if I should try one of the D-LINK routers on the compatable chart… maybe since both items will be D-LINK and both items will be on the compatability list then they’ll work. 

If you haven’t followed me I have the latest firmware, but random losing of wireless settings constantly at random. Now I can’t connect at all for some reason.

I see the DIR-655 is $99.99 and the DIR-825 is $119.99 at Best Buy. Kind of expensive just to get the WD to stay connected so I can copy files over.

I’ll admit I should be looking at an ethernet cable first, but I need like 75 feet from the living room, around walls nicely, to the router. I can get the cable cheap, but it’s actually running the cable and making it look good that bothers me. Wireless is so much easier if it would just work.

Don’t know what criteria WD uses to check which one is compatible

the one’s listed have already been tested

buying one that’s not on the list does not mean it will not work

but it’s a trial an error thing since it has not been tested to work on this device

I was able to get a D-LINK DIR-825 new online for $63… it sells in stores for $99! This is on the compatability list and it has more features that I could use, so I’m very excited. I hope it’ll work now… since my USB stick is D-LINK also. We’ll see if my network troubles go away.